Madagascar Diaries
By Kelly Barker, Durrell's Head of Marketing



Day 1 & 2 »


"On 23rd October 2011 I visited Madagascar, Durrell's biggest conservation programme, to see first hand how Durrell has been working with the local communities to save some of the country's most iconic species, for 25 years.

With 7 instalments of Madagascar Diaries for you to watch (and read), see how I experienced the real Madagascar, including the highs and lows that the Durrell team based in Madagascar face every day."


Day 1 - Travelling to Madagascar »
Day 2 - First impressions»

Day 3 - Travelling to Festival du Songatana, part 1
Day 4 - Travelling to Festival du Songatana, part 2

Day 5 - The festival
Day 6 - Travelling to Alaotra

Day 7 - Visiting Alaotran communities
Day 8 - Gentle lemurs at the lake

Day 9 - Travelling to the pochard
Day 10 - Madagascar pochard breeding centre

Day 11 - My Ampijoroa and other animals
Day 12 - Ploughshare tortoises

Day 13 - Au revoir

Introduction | Madagascar

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