Click to read: The world needs Durrell - Sir David Attenborough

The world needs Durrell - Sir David Attenborough

“The world needs Durrell.” That’s the view of Sir David Attenborough, who was in Jersey at the weekend celebrating the work of Gerald Durrell, visiting the Trust’s headquarters and speaking at a fundraising dinner held to mark Durrell’s 50th birthday.

Sir David described the miraculous work of the Trust as a huge benefit to the world and acknowledged that there were species in Madagascar and Mauritius that would not be there if it weren’t for Durrell.

The world famous broadcaster and naturalist spent several hours meeting staff and volunteers at the Trust headquarters, which he described as an extraordinary monument left by one man.

Later, a captivated audience hung on every word, as he recounted tales from his incredible life in front of the camera, sharing his views about the wonders of the natural world and how Gerald Durrell had inspired him throughout his career.

However, he believes not even Gerald Durrell could have foreseen the extremes to which mankind has been driven today.

“This institution, Durrell, has never been more important. There has never been more endangered species in the world than there are right now. And neither has there been such an accomplished, admirable and wonderful institution as Durrell, before, in the history of the world. Nobody else has accumulated such expertise in how to breed endangered species.

“The worldwide importance of this institution, I assure you, is tremendous. So this is its 50th birthday. I wish it every success and may it go on for another fifty years, and more, because I do assure you that the world needs Durrell.”

Posted 30 March 2009

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