Land's End to John O'Groats cycle challenge

29-August-2013 -  07-September-2013

We (Rupert Beck and Dominic Wormell) are planning to cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats at the end of August to raise much needed funds in support of the Orangutan Land Trust and Earth 4 Orangutans.

We both have a strong passion for wildlife conservation, and the red ape in particular; Rupert as a former orangutan keeper at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Dom as the current head of the Mammal Department at Durrell.

This somewhat gruelling prospect will involve cycling an average of 120  miles a day over eight or nine days and covering roughly 1000 miles (depending on the exact route taken) - all quite daunting considering our limited cycling pedigree!

As many are aware Sumatra’s orangutans are on the cusp of extinction (along with a myriad of other species) through the loss of their rainforest habitat in northern Sumatra. 

We are raising funds through the Orangutan Land Trust for the project that is Earth 4 Orangutans. 100% of all donations goes directly to Earth 4 Orangutans. 

This project in conjunction with the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme, will involve the construction of a dedicated Orangutan Haven and Wildlife Conservation Centre in northern Sumatra, primarily to care for the long term needs of orangutans that cannot be returned to the wild and to serve as an important wildlife conservation and education centre.

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