The truth about... tortoises

Tortoises are reptiles and have scales all over their skin. They also have a strong protective shell which they can pulls their head, legs and tail inside to avoid predators.

Did you know…
an Aldabran tortoise was reported to have lived for 250 years?

Tortoises mostly eat vegetation, but sometimes take meat if they come across it. At Durrell, we offer the tortoises a variety of vegetables, including lots of greens and hay.

Did you know…
tortoises are different from turtles because they live on land and have toes fused together like an elephant foot?

In some species, males will compete for females by trying to turn their opponent onto their tortoise fun fact sheet animal

In some parts of Asia, turtles are considered a delicacy and hunting is a big problem for many tortoise and turtle species in the wild.

Did you know...
baby tortoises hatch out of eggs which the female buries underground?

Click here to download the tortoise factsheet.

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