The truth about... tamarins

Tamarins are small New World monkeys, which live in the forests of South America. They are very good at climbing and use their tail for balance when climbing and jumping through the trees.

lion tamarin fun fact sheets animalDid you know…
Lion tamarins get their name from the mane of fine hair around their face?

In the wild, loss of habitat is the biggest problem for tamarins, especially the pied tamarin where a nearby city is taking over the land that used to be forest.

Did you know…
Tamarins usually give birth to twins and it is the father who carries the babies the most?

Tamarins eat a variety of foods depending on the season, including fruit, nectar, flowers, insects and other invertebrates, and small vertebrates such as rodents, birds or frogs.

Did you know…
Pied tamarins are the most endangered Amazonian primates ?

Tamarins live in family groups and will work together to defend a territory. In the dense forest they use little chirruping contact calls to stay in touch with one another.

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