The truth about... rainforests

Rainforests kids fun factsheets image 1Rainforests are found across the world— from tropical America to Australia and from Africa to Asia. But each rainforest is slightly different to all the others, with different species of animals and plants living there.

Did you know... Rainforests grow near the equator—an invisible line around the middle of the world

Rainforests are very important. They are home to thousands of plants and animals, and  many people rely on them for food and medicine.

Rainforests are hot, wet places. At the equator, there is a lot of sunshine, so it is very warm, but it also rains a great deal. The heat and the water make it a great place for trees and other plants to grow.

Did you know... Rainforest trees can grow to over 60m tall.

Rainforest trees are so tall, that as you move up from the floor to the tops of the branches, the conditions change—it gets lighter and less wet. This means there are lots of different places for animals to live.

The canopy (the tops of the trees) is a great place for fruiteating animals like bats, insects monkeys and birds to live, while the forest floor is home to other animals like frogs, snakes and even elephants.

Many rainforests around the world are being burnt or cut down by people. Without our help, the plants and animals could become extinct.

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