The truth about... orangutans

Orangutans are only found on two islands in Indonesia: Borneo and Sumatra. Here at Durrell we have Sumatran orangutans.

Orangutans live in the rainforest and their bodies are very well-designed for climbing trees with long arms and strong hands and feet for gripping branches. However, they are Critically Endangered because of the destruction of their rainforest home.

Did you know…
Both humans and orangutans are great apes and part of the primate family?

orangutan fun animal factsheet imageOrangutans live on their own in the wild and a female will have to raise the baby alone. Orangutans normally only have one baby at a time and the babies take a long time to grow up. They will stay with their mothers until they are 8-10 years old.

Orangutans eat more than 300 different kinds of food in the rainforest, including fruit, leaves, bark, flowers, nuts, eggs, small birds and mammals and insects.

Did you know…
Male orangutans are bigger than female orangutans?

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