The truth about... macaques

Macaques are old world monkeys and can be found living in more climates and habitats than any other primate, except humans. At Durrell we have Sulawesi crested black macaques.

Macaques are omnivorous and eat both plants and meat. In the wild they have been recorded as eating more than 120 different types of plants as well as insects, mice and nestling birds.

macaque animal factsheet babyDid you know…
female macaques have bigger rounder bottoms than male macaques?

Macaques are very social and have been seen in groups of up to 100 animals. Each group has a strict hierarchy with the dominant male at the head of the family.

Did you know…
baby macaques have bright pink faces, hands and feet which darken as they get older?

Grooming is a very important social activity which helps to maintain the bonds between the individuals.

In the wild, the macaques live in the forests of Sulawesi. They spend much of the day foraging on the ground but sleep in the trees, safe from predators.

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