The truth about... lemurs

Lemurs are only found living in Madagascar, the island off the coast of Africa.

Different lemurs live in different parts of the island and have adapted to life in that area. E.g. Ruffed lemurs are very good at climbing trees and feed on the fruit they find there.

Did you know…
Alaotran gentle lemurs are the only lemurs to live in a wetland habitat?

Alaotran gentle lemurs only live in the marshes and reed beds around Lac Alaotra, Madagascar’s biggest lake.

Did you know…
female lemurs are usually the bosses as they are dominant over males?

Ring-tailed lemurs live in big groups of up to 30 lemurs and use their distinctive stripy tails for balance when climbing and jumping. The tail is also used to keep the group together when they are walking on the ground.

Did you know…
there are six species of lemur living at Durrell?

lemur mix gentle red black white ruffed gentle brown

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