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Teams of volunteers from HSBC International enabled us to undertake the redevelopment of the enclosure for our Livingstone’s Fruit bats. Assistance was given with the initial clearance of an old polytunnel, the physical preparation of walls made out of recycled car tyres and the final mud render. HSBC’s help was hugely significant and without it this project could not have been completed in the manor or timescale that has been achieved. This exciting and innovative project has dramatically improved the living conditions of this critically endangered species who now enjoy extra flight space, a more even temperature closer to their natural tropical habitat (HSBC also funded the new heating and lighting system) and a new hospital area when the need arises. We have been very successful with our captive breeding programme in relation to these bats but up to now have struggled to maintain an ideal environment in what was a temporary structure with poor levels of insulation.

Wherever Durrell operates in the world, we constantly aim to house our animal collection in the best possible conditions, whilst also trying to be kind to the natural environment and promote sustainability. This project was a wonderful opportunity for us to achieve our objectives in every way. As well as improving the conditions for the bats, visitors to the site will benefit from improved viewing areas which are accessible all year round.

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