Corporate support

Durrell is reaching out to the corporate world and inviting businesses of all sizes to get involved.

We offer a full range of opportunities for companies to engage with our incredible work both in Jersey and overseas.  These opportunities range from purchasing membership for your staff, through to the delivery of bespoke licensing campaigns.

What’s in it for you?

Aligning your company’s product with a charitable cause is one of the most effective ways to increase positive perception of your organisation.  It has been proven, time and again, that consumers prefer to buy something that endorses a charity and its messages.

Working with Durrell, you will be aligning your business with a highly regarded global brand, known to be at the forefront of worldwide conservation.

Sponsorship and promotions will increase visibility of your business to your existing and potential customers, promoting your business values and raising your profile. Then there is the impact on staff. Research shows that employees who believe they work in an ethical environment are six times more likely to be loyal. Aligning your business with Durrell will have a direct effect on staff motivation, pride and satisfaction.

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Corporate Support

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