World Wetlands Day

The second of February was World Wetlands Day. In celebration of the importance and value of wetlands globally, bird staff here at Durrell would like to share a few of their photos of wetland species with you.

Durrell has been working with the endangered wildlife of Madagascar for the past 25 years. Madagascar has 7 RAMSAR designated wetlands of global importance. These are home to diverse and often unique animals, from fish, to lemurs, to birds. Amongst these is the critically endangered Madagascar pochard; this duck is the focus of our newest and most urgent project. Durrell staff are assisting in the establishment of an in situ breeding programme, which we hope will follow on from our success in breeding and maintaining a captive, safeguard population of the endangered Madagascar teal and Meller's duck.

There are six species of wildfowl currently listed as critically endangered, meaning that they are in real danger of extinction. Please join us in our fight to ensure their survival... Click here


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  1-16 of 16  
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