Andean bear

Andean Bear
Scientific Name
Tremarctos ornatus
Animal type
Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.
Conservation Status


Not a marmalade sandwich in sight, but since these are the only bears found in South America, they simply must be related to Paddington, from 'darkest Peru'!

Also known as spectacled bears because of the distinctive markings around their eyes, Andean bears live in the Andes Mountains.

Today, the world’s remaining bear species are largely restricted to wilderness areas where they are not in direct conflict with people. Not so long ago they roamed throughout Europe, including England, but were no match for deforestation and hunting by humans. These are still the main threats facing wild bear populations. Estimates of the number of breeding Andean bears left in South America range from 8000 to 30,000, and their numbers continue to decrease.

The Andean bears at Durrell are valuable contributors to a breeding programme that was launched to save a species in trouble. The captive population, built up over the years by a number of zoos working together, will safeguard the species from extinction, should the worst happen in the wild. It could also provide bears for reintroduction to areas where they have been eradicated.


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