Mark Brayshaw

Mark Brayshaw
Director of Zoo Operations

A mammal keeper at Durrell from 1992, Mark took responsibility for the animal collection in 2010, completing a Masters in Business Administration in 2013. Mark’s main objective is to shape a diverse and dynamic animal collection that supports Durrell’s conservation and training aims, and provides an engaging experience for visitors to the wildlife park.

Director of Human Resources

Amy has a Degree in English Literature from Cardiff university. With 10 years experience in Human Resources she joined Durrell in 2013 and became Head of Human Resources in 2016.

Rebecca Brewer
Director of Finance and Commercial


Alexandra Shears
Director of Communications and Fundraising

With many years marketing experience in the commercial sector and a degree in Wildlife Biology, Alex joined Durrell in 2016 and is responsible for all marketing and communications across all pillars of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.

Richard Young

Dr Richard Young
Director of Conservation Science

Joining Durrell in 2005 as a conservation biologist, Richard now manages the Trust’s scientific research programmes in support of its conservation mission. With a background in applied ecology, Richard has a doctorate from the University of Southampton and is a visiting lecturer at the University of Bath.

Chris Ransom
Director of Field Prgrammes