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Gerald Durrell Week Corfu

26/05/18 - 02/06/18

Based on the magical island of Corfu, the week long course recreates experiences like those of the young Gerald Durrell. Read more

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Gerald Durrell Week Jersey

23/06/18 - 30/06/18

Led by our Honorary Director, Lee Durrell, this week-long course will introduce you to the headquarters of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, showing you just how Gerald Durrell’s work lives on in the organisation he...Read more

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Passion for Primates

30/06/18 - 02/07/18

An exciting introduction to the lemurs, monkeys and apes at Durrell and the conservationists who work with them. Read more

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Endangered Species Recovery

03/09/18 - 14/09/18

The Endangered Species Recovery course is a two week introduction to the issues and practical skills involved in saving threatened species from extinction. Read more

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Integrated Species Conservation and Management

29/10/18 - 02/11/18

Combining the expertise of academic staff from the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (DICE) at the University of Kent with that of conservation practitioners from the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, this 5-day intensive course aims ...Read more

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Avian Egg Incubation Workshop

05/11/18 - 09/11/18

The Avian egg incubation workshop is a five day practical workshop designed to give participants the skills required to successfully incubate bird eggs and deal with problems that could arise. Read more

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Durrell Endangered Species Management Graduate Certificate (DESMAN) 2019

04/02/19 - 26/04/19

This 12 week course is designed to equip conservation professionals with a complete range of skills to maximise their effectiveness at managing or participating in conservation projects. You will learn the latest theory and practice...  Read more

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