A gift in your Will


Thank you for considering leaving a gift in your Will to Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. Once you have provided for your friends and family, even a small gift can make a big difference in saving species from extinction. (Further information below)  

Durrell has a legacy of conservation success and has shown that with dedication and long-term commitment it is possible to make a difference to the species and habitats with which we work. But now, more than ever we need your help to build on the legacy that Gerald Durrell left behind.

By leaving a gift to Durrell in your Will we will be able to save more species from extinction, empower more local communities and partners to conserve biodiversity, and train and inspire even more conservation leaders.

Durrell has made many leaps forward, thanks to legacies of all sizes. For example, a number of small legacies turned woodland at our wildlife park in Jersey into a home where tamarins can live as freely as they do in the wild. It was a legacy that enabled us to study the impact of the bushmeat trade on the Sulawesi crested black macaques. We have trained many international students because of a gift which provided scholarships and bursaries to students studying at the International Training Centre. Most recently we have been able to establish a programme in the Comoros to save the fruit bat and scops owl.

If you would like to talk to us in complete confidence about leaving a gift in your will to Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, please contact Amy Bompas by email (amy.bompas@durrell.org) or call her on +44 (0)1534 860065. We understand that writing your will can be very difficult and so we promise to handle your enquiry sensitively.

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