Click to read: New Year Honours for Carl Jones

New Year Honours for Carl Jones

Dr Carl Jones, International Conservation Fellow of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, has been appointed MBE in the New Year Diplomatic Service and Overseas Honours List.  

The citation was "For services to the preservation of endangered species in Mauritius”, and recognises the impact his work has had on endemic wildlife in the island over the past twenty-five years.  

Carl has worked on the islands of Mauritius and Rodrigues since January 1979, initially for Birdlife International and since 1985 for the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.  He has been the lynchpin of the Trust’s conservation efforts in Mauritius, and played a pivotal role in helping to save the Mauritius kestrel, pink pigeon and echo parakeet from almost certain extinction, as well as developing conservation programmes for the rare plants, and restoring the offshore islands of Ile aux Aigrettes and Round Island.

Carl, who is originally from Wales, now works mainly from the UK, giving lectures, overseeing PhD students, and writing up research for publication.  He now spends four months a year in Mauritius as Scientific Director for the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, seconded from Durrell Wildlife.  He continues to pursue his wide range of research and conservation interests in Mauritius on restoration ecology, endangered songbirds, reptiles and seabirds, as well as the pink pigeon, echo parakeet and Mauritius kestrel.

Carl commented:  “Gerald Durrell had a huge influence upon me and showed that individuals could make a difference – that with hard work and dedication we could turn the tide of extinction.  I have pursued Gerry’s dream, and I feel extremely privileged to have seen part of that dream come to fruition, at least in this tiny but very special corner of the world.  This citation is a huge honour both for myself and for the entire team who have worked tirelessly over the years on behalf of the endangered species of Mauritius.  The real reward for us all, however, is knowing that in the forests and gorges of Mauritius we still have Pink Pigeons, Mauritius Kestrels and Echo Parakeets, and that we are well on our way to restoring some of the small islands and areas of forest.”

Mark Stanley Price, Durrell Wildlife’s Executive Director, said “I am thrilled at this recognition for Carl, and for the value of Durrell Wildlife’s work.  Carl may have been out of sight for many years, but his results show that conservation success may only be possible with dogged determination over many years.  It will encourage many other dedicated field workers.”

Posted 14 January 2004

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