Click to read: A CAN do attitude supports Durrell

A CAN do attitude supports Durrell

The Durrell ‘Cans for Corridors’ project was boosted this week when local children Alex and Ollie Devenish delivered the latest instalment of their year long collection efforts and also got to meet the tamarins who’s wild cousins they are helping.

Alex (15) and Ollie (8) have been collecting aluminium cans for Durrell from their family business, the Café de Gouray since last year and have donated over 1800 cans to date. This equates to more than 36 trees being planted in the wildlife corridors being established to connect the remaining fragments of habitat which are home to the Black lion tamarin in the wild.

The ‘Cans for Corridors’ scheme was set up by staff at Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust in 2002 and focuses on the critically endangered black lion tamarin. Initially launched within the islands schools; aluminium cans are recycled and the income is used to buy and replant trees in the Brazilian rainforest. Every fifty cans donated enables the Trust to purchase a tree and the scheme has now been responsible for planting around 80,000 trees in an area the size of ten football pitches.

Durrell is working in conjunction with Brazilian conservation organisation IPE and have developed a powerful conservation programme in an effort to save the black lion tamarin from extinction. The programme empowers homeless people in the region, providing them with support to start smallholdings growing tree seedlings and encouraging the planting of wildlife corridors between the isolated patches of forest that is the natural habitat of this tiny primate and other endangered species.

The ‘Cans for Corridors’ project illustrates a simple but incredibly effective way in which people in Jersey can do something which has a direct effect on one of the most endangered ecosystems on the planet. Bins for the cans are set up in the recycling area of the Durrell carpark in Trinity.
Another way that this corridor creation can be supported is through the Durrell Eco-Active Carbon Offset scheme. Individuals, families, groups or companies wanting to reduce their carbon footprint, protect wildlife, provide opportunities for poor communities and support Durrell can do this directly by clicking here.

Posted 5 May 2010

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