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Pete and Steve's Jungle Marathon

Between 1st October and 10th October 2015 two Jersey athletes, Pete Wright and Steve Hayes, will be taking on one of their toughest challenges to date, the Jungle Marathon.

The Jungle Marathon takes place in the state of Para in Brazil’s Amazon Jungle. This extreme marathon covers the distances of 254km, which is completed in six stages throughout the week.

Competitors are required to carry their own food and equipment for the week and nights are spent sleeping in hammocks at checkpoint campsites along the shores of the river.

The difficulty of the Jungle Marathon is not measured by its distance, but by its terrain, where competitors encounter challenges such as extreme humidity, mud, water crossings and insects that test them physically and mentally.

See what Pete's saying about this experience:

Over the past couple of years I’ve become very drawn to adventure running and thrive on challenging myself both physically and mentally, over varied and challenging terrain and in different and perhaps hostile climates. During the last few years I’ve successfully completed several Ultra marathons and multi-stage distance races, and these have been fantastic and uplifting experiences. I have been seeking the ultimate personal challenge, and this is what inspired me to enter the Jungle Marathon.

Running gives me a sense of freedom, enables me to push my limits and provides me with an opportunity to explore new territories and meet interesting new people. There is a very strong ethic for environmental awareness in the adventure running community, and this has contributed further to the positive experience.

Once my place in the Jungle Marathon was secured and I was able to think ahead to the experience ahead of me it occurred to me how fortunate I was to have the experience to run in this unique environment and have the opportunity to set eyes on an amazing array of species and wildlife. It is because of the conservational and educational work of organisations such as Durrell that I will have this opportunity and experience this in my lifetime.  I have a great deal of admiration for the continued work that they perform globally, and I wish to show my support by fundraising.

See what Steve has told us about this adventure:

I fell into the world of endurance sports in 2009, starting with Marathon running and have since been constantly searching for and taking part in new races and challenges to discover what my mind and body were truly capable of.  After many ultra marathons up to 428km long, marathons, Triathlons and an English Channel swim, I now turn my attention to the Jungle Marathon. 

The Amazon has been a dream destination for me and my late father for many years and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to immerse myself in the most inhospitable and fascinating of environments.  As an animal lover, wildlife enthusiast and regular Durrell visitor/member, the wildlife has been one of the largest appeals for me and I look forward to seeing as much as possible and soaking up the atmosphere throughout the event.  This will be a wonderful and appropriate opportunity for Pete and I to raise as much money as possible to assist in the conservation of a variety of species.  Counting down the days!

If you would like to sponsor Pete and Steve on this challenge click here.

Posted 11 September 2015

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