Chilean flamingo

Chilean Flamingo
Scientific Name
Phoenicopterus chilensis
Animal type
Native to Chile, although it is also found in southern Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and southern Brazil.
Conservation Status
Near Threatened


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These elegant pink birds have long been a source of great fascination for humans, as well as an edible resource. Historically, people have used flamingo eggs as a staple food and a delicacy, and today, in some places, eggs are removed from nests and sold at markets. In early Roman times, flamingo tongues were carefully prepared, pickled and served as a delicacy, and Andean miners have killed the birds for their fat, believing it to be a cure for tuberculosis.

They are threatened throughout much of their distribution by a combination of habitat loss, pollution, disturbance and egg collection. Apart from their colour, flamingos are known for their characteristic one-legged stance, which is actually the most comfortable way to stand for long periods, as each leg is rested in turn (this also helps with regulating body temperature –warming one leg in cold weather or cooling it in hot weather helps keep the bird’s blood at the right temperature). Of course a good sense of balance is essential!


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